Disabled Person Living In Victory

To  be a disabled person living in victory can be a challenge but has to be a state of mind on a daily basis. I wake up  wanting to win at whatever I do. Yes I am a sore loser but can learn  from my mistakes and challenge myself to be better at that task the next time I will do it. This belief system is contrary to the world’s view of someone with disability or illness .There are those individuals who are uncomfortable with us taking our place in the education institutions, sports teams, the work world, relationships friendships or travel. However victory is within the disabled person or for that matter anyone who experiences loss in life to pick themselves up from the jaws of defeat and have victory in their life.

My formula for victory has many components. Spiritual, physical mental and emotional and relational health are keys for me to be the best I can be. Do I have mentors and heroes who taught me how to win? The answer is a resounding yes. My number one hero is Jesus and source of faith in God which keeps me centered on doing the right thing in my life. Secondly my parents who believed in me when at times I didn’t believe in myself. They pushed me to try my best at school or work. They were interested in my effort that has carried me through my whole life. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, baseball drills, running and exercises were to build my mental toughness.

My question to you my blog followers is this? How do you view victory in your daily lives? Everyone’s journey is different on how they attain victory. What is your story of overcoming, achieving your goals in your life, profession, relationships. Where did your journey take you?

My encouragement is never give up and never surrender. Look for victory in the little things in life. Have a positive attitude and surround yourself with good people who help you maintain being a victorious person. Get rid of all negative people and influences that will keep you from your goals. Remember you can be a role model and hero by living your life practicing a victorious attitude daily.

Sincerely, Ty Stingel


Day in The Life of A Brain Injury Survivor

A day in the life of myself as a brain injury survivor has been made as normal as possible over the years. Number one is to wake up with a attitude of gratitude for every day of life You see every day to me is a gift from God. Every day I take my medication, eat, get dressed and go to work. Right now my work is as a writer and blogger. Drink too much coffee to combat my medication so I can get my day’s work done. I have been a student, have two degrees, taught English to immigrants, worked  as a bakery clerk, security guard, in human services,  and have had the opportunity to be a writer and speaker.

. You see I was faced with my own mortality six times by the age of seven. My last brain surgery was December 31.1981 at he age 7. The surgeon operated on me for nearly five hours with a blood clot the size of an orange after getting my head rammed under a school desk. Started working on homework once I got out of ICU. My parents have always been there for me. They helped me with my homework and pushed me to give my best effort . They my parents wanted me to work and to work smart. My parents have always been great teachers and fans.

I have gone through occupational and physical therapy on the right side of my body due to having surgery on the left side of my head. Working on cognitive and physical therapy as well. When you recovery from TBI it is a life long endeavor. I wake up every day and see a scar along the left side of my head. A badge of honor for the 49 stitches that closed the incision so I could live. My belief in God and miracles is for many reasons including surviving my last brain surgery. Yes the surgeon did a masterful job which I am forever grateful. Many family members and friends from Canada and the United States prayed and gave their support to my parents and myself. Miracles still happen and I believe that  my last 31 years have been a gift from God.

Life is a gift given for us to live to the fullest able bodied or disabled. Life is full of surprises with joy, sorrow, anger, bargaining, setback and overcoming the odds. Attitude is everything in life. Did I have bad days, was scared or discouraged in my journey and the answer is yes. Did my faith, family and courage to carry on become a rallying cry and the answer is yes. Do I think I am special or heroic and the answer is no. Do I want to encourage brain injury survivors, individuals with disability and anyone who has encountered a loss in life to grieve and overcome? Yes this is my goal to inspire others to achieve their goals, use their gifts and talents. We are not an island unto ourselves. Living in community with supports to live a new normal has been key to my journey and can be helpful to others with a disability.

The heroic life saving stories at the Boston Bombing of First Responders, ordinary citizens, law enforcement has renewed my hope in humanity. The U.S. soldier who was Afghanistan War veteran who is a double amputee encouraging new amputees that life will get better and they will do things in the future. A self less act to reassure this lady yes she is an amputee but it doesn’t have to define you. You can be a victor and can overcome your circumstances. Prosthetics have come along way and the soldier said you can live a productive life. The soldier is now training for the Para Olympics in track and field for the U.S.A. in 2014. How awesome is that story to overcome the adversity of being a double amputee.

The day in the life of a brain injury survivor is full of reality, dreams, work, family, friends and being the best you can be. This is my life and I hope you enjoy the journey to those who follow my blog. I am at twitter and facebook at Tylor Stingel. My email is tylorjstingel@hotmail.com as well.

Take care and may you follow your dreams! Ty Stingel

Advocacy: All Leaders Please Stand Up!

Being a leader comes natural to me in a business setting. To be an advocate takes a certain type of leader. My motto is don’t tell me your going to do something show me you will do what you say. The job of being an advocate for the disabled is tireless work. The bosses of a group home need to be organized, empower their employees to make decisions and set up a positive atmosphere that keeps the workers connected to educational options to help them do their job.

How can I speak  of being an advocate so confidently Well for one I am a disabled adult who is a brain injury survivor who has been a advocate for the disabled. Well I worked in the Human Services industry and saw the dysfunction. Politics and bureaucracy are not my thing even though they have their place within an organization. True leaders help their employees stand up to be advocate with a plan.

In this country of Canada I have had the joy of Teaching English As A Second Language to immigrants in central and Calgary Alberta.My travels also took me to Mexico and teach English their while on Internship for my degree. What does this have to do with advocacy you may say? Someone coming to a strange land and learning to speak a strange language need support. Thank goodness for organizations that help new immigrants to get started

To  be an advocate defined in Webster’s Dictionary is: to plead in favor of :”defend by argument before public tribunal  or public support or recommend publicly.” So whatever your cause stand up and be a leader for those need your help. You can be a great advocate.

Starting a New Venture as a Blogger

I am starting a new venture and journey as a blogger. I am a author of a book  called They Said,” I Couldn’t” that was self published in 2004. I am also a published poet. My blog will be my commentary of inspirational stories in the world and in my own life. I am excited to connect with other bloggers, writers and speakers through my writings and responses to my blog.

Will also be on a learning curve using this new form of social media for me anyways. The goal is to share my thoughts, dreams as a writer, speaker and become the best blogger I can be as is my goal in anything I do. Will be interested in fellow bloggers who can give me any tips on the length , addition of pictures and background of the website would be greatly appreciated.

Well take care my fellow bloggers. Remember to follow your dreams and seize each day.

Ty Stingel