Starting a New Venture as a Blogger

I am starting a new venture and journey as a blogger. I am a author of a book  called They Said,” I Couldn’t” that was self published in 2004. I am also a published poet. My blog will be my commentary of inspirational stories in the world and in my own life. I am excited to connect with other bloggers, writers and speakers through my writings and responses to my blog.

Will also be on a learning curve using this new form of social media for me anyways. The goal is to share my thoughts, dreams as a writer, speaker and become the best blogger I can be as is my goal in anything I do. Will be interested in fellow bloggers who can give me any tips on the length , addition of pictures and background of the website would be greatly appreciated.

Well take care my fellow bloggers. Remember to follow your dreams and seize each day.

Ty Stingel


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