Disabled Person Living In Victory

To  be a disabled person living in victory can be a challenge but has to be a state of mind on a daily basis. I wake up  wanting to win at whatever I do. Yes I am a sore loser but can learn  from my mistakes and challenge myself to be better at that task the next time I will do it. This belief system is contrary to the world’s view of someone with disability or illness .There are those individuals who are uncomfortable with us taking our place in the education institutions, sports teams, the work world, relationships friendships or travel. However victory is within the disabled person or for that matter anyone who experiences loss in life to pick themselves up from the jaws of defeat and have victory in their life.

My formula for victory has many components. Spiritual, physical mental and emotional and relational health are keys for me to be the best I can be. Do I have mentors and heroes who taught me how to win? The answer is a resounding yes. My number one hero is Jesus and source of faith in God which keeps me centered on doing the right thing in my life. Secondly my parents who believed in me when at times I didn’t believe in myself. They pushed me to try my best at school or work. They were interested in my effort that has carried me through my whole life. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, baseball drills, running and exercises were to build my mental toughness.

My question to you my blog followers is this? How do you view victory in your daily lives? Everyone’s journey is different on how they attain victory. What is your story of overcoming, achieving your goals in your life, profession, relationships. Where did your journey take you?

My encouragement is never give up and never surrender. Look for victory in the little things in life. Have a positive attitude and surround yourself with good people who help you maintain being a victorious person. Get rid of all negative people and influences that will keep you from your goals. Remember you can be a role model and hero by living your life practicing a victorious attitude daily.

Sincerely, Ty Stingel


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