Striving To Be A Great Leader

I strive to be a great leader. This is a lofty goal and is not arrogant just self confident. When your a entrepreneur,writer, speaker, blogger and disability advocate taking chances is a big part of being successful. Having a good team of positive and creative people that can support your work is equally important. Positive momentum is key in business and my own life,

My goal as a leader is to raise up other leaders and encourage other writers, speakers, disability community to find their voice and to use their talents wherever their jobs and lives take them. Today I was excited to find out that I am officially a member of the Alberta Writer’s Guild based in Edmonton. Other authors and leaders in the literary community can edit, advise and support my poetry and book projects. This is a honor to belong to this group.

To empower, encourage, work side by side with other co workers or employees is apart of my leadership philosophy. I believe in having a victorious outcome to any project or program I have been apart of as a student, employee or entrepreneur. I need my best effort and of others to good that the day of work had positive results. Also to examine what can be done better in the days work to come. Setting goals and achieving those goals no matter the odds whether short term midterm or long term goals for whatever team or myself has given me a game plan to follow whatever organization one is apart of in life.

What are your goals as a leader? Yes you are a leader if only for your life. You can follow your dreams and seize each day. To those who are bosses what are your goals and dreams personally or professionally. What are your abilities? What parts of your job do you get most excited about.

 For athletes what are your goals as a leader?  I have affection for athletes who are leaders especially in baseball and hockey. My favorite leader in the making is my oldest nephew who loves to win and was captain of his hockey team at the age of 8. He is never satisfied with his performance and wants to get better.

Where did I learn about leadership. Well my original and prominent examples of leadership is my mom and dad. Have had my surrogate grandparents as a wonderful example as well. They are both retired school teachers and always led by action first and words second. They have left a great legacy of leadership. Their have been teachers ,professors, missionaries, and bosses that have made an imprint on my life as well. My hope is I can live a life of being an honorable leader.

What is your leadership story? Would love to hear how you have strived to be a great leader. May your journey be full of knowledge seeking, partnerships and success. Be brave and be great leader. 


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