Having a Disability and Being Competitive In The World

I have dealt with my disability due to brain injury for most of my life. I have not known another way but to compete with the real world in school, sport or in the work world. What is my secret in competing with others for my spot in the world? My secret is I compensate to deal with my right side weakness physically. Cognitively I memorize information by reviewing material multiple times. My competition is not with others but myself.

I have been a one and half armed batter in baseball. I chicken peck when I have typed any of my college papers over two degree but the projects get done. There is no time for whining about how slow I am while in process. The goal is getting down my thoughts on the material that I am writing about. My mantra is that the world doesn’t care if you are disabled for the most part. Can you produce at whatever task you are given. This might not seem compassionate but I have always went to school or worked with co workers who wanted to know if I could get the job done. I am always amazed when people with disabilities overcome the odds and do great things. My belief healthy or disabled we all have something to offer in this world. God, the surgeon’s hands, prayers and support from family and friends were key for my survival 32 years ago and I owe it to my faith in God and all the family and friends who believe in me to give my best effort daily
Who knew this little disabled boy would do chaplain, missionary work in Canada and Mexico. I have shared my testimony in English and Spanish. It is a miracle I can speak English properly never mind Spanish it is all a gift and a precious gift of learning languages. I want to learn French in the future as my third language. History and English have been strengths for me in school. Being disciplined in my studies, having a good work ethic, having a positive attitude and working well with others in a group settings have been some of my strengths in making my mark in the world.

Encouraging others and being the one of the first to attempt a new task succeed or fail have endeared me to teachers, professor’s, bosses, missionaries, or as a business person as a writer and speaker. What are my weakness for one I can be rough around the edges. Some people have trouble with my blunt approach at times. My stubbornness is good and bad I have had a history for giving people the benefit of the doubt when I shouldn’t have. I needed to do my homework to whether individuals ,groups or organizations were going to be good fit for me instead of trusting people too much. Well since reading Dr. Phil’s book called “Life Code” I will always do my homework on all people who I work with or in my personal life. I want people to have my best interests at heart so I can be successful.

I absolutely love writing, speaking and being an advocate in the disability community. Healthy, disabled we all have challenges we try to overcome to achieve our goals. What impeded your progress is obtaining victory? How did achieve the goals and dreams you set for yourself? We all have a story.

Thankyou to God, family and friends for believing in this brain injured little boy who became a man who dared to dream big dreams. Each day is a gift and I want to share how blessed I feel and that you can be the best you van be despite obstacles in life.


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