Wonderfully Made- ( Reference Psalm 139: 7-14)

I am a child of God wonderfully made

Before conception he knew me

He molded me like clay inside the womb for man to see

His handy work can never be repaid.

Oh I have tried to escape His presence

When I have done wrong in my life

And caused pain and strife

His love causes me to repent and learn my lesson.

God waits for me like a gentlemen

And takes me back through his Son

As the Holy Spirit pursues me and it is done

Living a life pursuing God around every nook and bend.

God takes his child as the sun rises

He lets me know the plan for that day

I will be on my knees for myself and others to pray

Through the day I will be real and wear no disguises.

By Ty Stingel  2012


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