The History of May 10th.

The history of May 10th for one it is my birthday. I am 39 years old today and proud of it. Some 32 years ago I had my last brain surgery and the possibility of me not making it threw surgery was real. However God had other plans for my life. So today is a special gift of reflection and gratitude to God, family and friends.

My friends Evan and Anna Spencer were married 5 years ago today. They now have two children Micah and Sarah. Evan and Anna are devoted in their relationship with God, truly in love and are great parents. I was honored to be at their wedding.

Today is sad too my Uncle Frank Stingel lost his battle with brain cancer. He fought valiantly and was very courageous. My love and sympathy go to his wife my Aunt Sandra to lose her husband. My parents were there as he passed. My dad held his brother’s hand in his last 15 minutes of life before he passed. I love my parents dedication to family and helping my aunt Sandra in this difficult time. I am proud to be your son. However I will take fond memories from my relationship with my Uncle Frank. He was always good to me. I am honored to be called his nephew. He inspired me to be the best Uncle to my nephews. I love you Uncle Frank and will miss you very much.

By Ty Stingel

May 10, 2013



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