TBI Survivors Are Contrarians and Poem

Contrarians are those people live against the flow of whatever is considered the norm. Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors have to talk and act in a contrary way to be successful in their lives. This is a perfect assessment of my life. Moreover most anyone can be a contrarian who has suffered loss in their lives. So here is my poem to honor those who live their lives in extraordinary ways despite overwhelming odds.


My world is seen through the eyes of opposite lens

To turn the views of the world on its ear

Combating many opponents without fear

Living life this way is a blessing and cleanses.

Seeking winning results against the odds

The world and all its noise won’t get in the way

Sometimes life can be lonely but with God you will cease to be afraid

Trying to live authentically while travelling this sod.

Contrarians receive the misgivings of most

Till those who choose differently do something great

Which is highly calculated, courageous and not fate

To all these special people I give a toast.

Great leaders seize the day

No matter their challenges in life or professions who are innovation

Who are not satisfied in life going from station to station

Keep up the good fight you contrarian always I pray.

By Ty Stingel



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