Poem: The Value of Life

The value of a life is a precious thing

Reading or watching the new portrays the destruction of the world today

When natural disasters, crime, war, selfishness and apathy are at play

What is our response and will it be seen as a positive or negative thing.

Too many deaths by suicide, too many babies unborn

How do we get loved ones, friends and strangers to see the value of life

With kind words,a listening ear and positivity and not strife

The love of the Father through a good soul can help them transform.

I do not know all the answers to life

All I know I once was lost and now I am found

That God doesn’t make junk and one day I will go home and sing aloud

Till then I will value life as a adopted child of God and let his love abound.


Personally I have seen too many people die in the last years

However they truly lived and made the most of their time left on this earth

We are the most honest when we are about to die or at birth

To those who are passed on I say God bless and cheers.

By Ty Stingel


I hope this poem makes you consider the value you are loved. The God above, your family and friends care about you just as you are no matter your circumstances. Use your sense of hearing to hear something wonderful you have never heard before. May you see the most beautiful landscape. May you hug someone you love. Speak a kind word to someone today. Lastly taste something that is delicious to know that life is not bland.

Your life has meaning just like mine. Keep pursuing what makes you happy. Cherish and have gratitude for the things you have. Filter out those negative thought thoughts and voices that say you can’t and say instead I can and I will. Your life has value and meaning.Seize each day like it was your last. Erase regrets and start a new with life. God our Creator can give you peace. You will be surprised when you lay your burdens down how wonderful life can be.

Blessings, Ty Stingel




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