Disability, Illness and Old Age.

Too all my blog followers I was in hospital for a week. I had an infection in my right leg, both lungs, pneumonia, fever, vomiting and two seizures due to being so weak. Thank goodness for our Canadian medical system. I also had two cat scans one for my chest and the other for my stomach in Red Deer Alberta a bigger city hospital.

The last three days of my hospital was on a unit with senior citizens who had various illnesses such as gout, blindness, dementia, diabetes complications. Their positive or negative attitude had everything too do with their recovery or stay ill in the hospital. Most of these individuals and their spouses lives have permanently changed and will be going to a Seniors home after their hospital stay. Their children’s response to their elderly parents change in life makes all the difference. If the children are supportive and make sure the parents dignity is maintained the transition for the elderly parent is more seamless. However if the child is apathetic the elderly parents suffer. For the most part I saw supportive adult children.

Besides my own recovery from illness I was asking myself how I would handle helping my own parents make the transition to a Senior’s home. I will do right by them and make sure they are comfortable and sure that transition is smooth for them. That is just how we roll in our family.

Disability, illness and old age can be handled with grace. When you are determined, positive and have a work ethic the elderly can make a difference in the lives of others. The younger generation should listen to there wisdom and knowledge.

What is my legacy going to be? What is your legacy going to be? Our lives are short and what do we want to be remembered for in this life. I want to be remembered for being a Godly man, family man, writer, advocate, teacher leader. Most of all to be a giver and encourager. My question is to all who read this blog is how do you want to be remembered whether you are young ,old, sick or well. Life is a precious thing never to be taken for granted.

By Ty Stingel

May 29, 2013


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