Economics and The Disabled

Economics and the disabled can be an uncomfortable topic to approach. However having courage in dealing with a tough topic is necessary to get to the truth. Some disabled people can work a physically demanding job to make a living. Other people try to make a living with a more academic way of reading, writing and speaking. Are there barriers in both camps on obtaining employment? Yes you want to believe it the road is not easy for a disabled person. Finding the right fit for the individual is the key.

Some have a disability income and have a part time job. Being productive in a able bodied world is a challenge. However seeking what the disabled individual is the key. Keep a positive attitude on the job is very important. Having good relationship with co-workers is very big component for personal success on the job.

My jobs have included working in a bakery, security guard in the college I went too.There was a couple of marketing jobs I worked at that were frustrated and taxed my endurance. Working in the Human Services field was my latest jobs were a great fact finding and learning experience. However their was not enough positive experiences and successful days with my bosses, co-workers and clients for me to continue in that profession.

Being a writer, blogger, speaker and chaplain have been the most fulfilling in my life. Helping others with positive results is my goal. For myself I am competitive and seek to have wins on a daily basis. Disabled people should not be content with a loss or a tie playing and working to win is very important in life.

Economic success for the disabled person starts with saving and tithing and living within ones means. Have I always done this and the answer is no. I am saving now and have learned from my mistakes and moving forward to be successful in life. Everyone’s journey is different but staying disciplined in one’s finances and work life breeds success. The key is not to just work hard but work smart. “Do what you do, do well boy” my grandfather Stingel used to say. This is my goal for life. May all who read this seek to do your best in your work, financial lives ans seek balance in all areas of life.

By Ty Stingel

June 2013


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