Fatigue, Pain and My Shunt

Since coming out of the hospital I am still recovering from the infection in my leg and lungs. I lost muscle mass from my right leg. My legs hurt after long walks. My lung capacity is also coming back slowly. I am not complaining as this is all apart of making sure I make a comeback and testing my body and pushing the limits.

My shunt was pulling at the end where it ends into my stomach. This shunt is no longer functional as I haven’t had brain surgery in over 30 years. You may say why not have surgery and get the shunt out. The doctors told me years ago that type of surgery would be risky meaning possibly life threatening. So how do I handle the pain of a shunt that pulls I drink water, take some take ibuprofen if the pain is really bad or a heating pad on the area that hurts till the pain passes.

My recovery will go well with hard work and building my endurance. Paying attention to my right foot, leg and arm and building them up to stronger than ever before is my goal. I will not have any excuses. Most of all I will be kind to Ty and my body. Being neglectful is not being good to me. I truly got a wake up call by being in the hospital.

Brain injury, epilepsy and right side weakness are a daily part of my life. Compensation to make my right side functional has been a life long goal. Treating my right side with more respect is now a goal on a daily basis. I have to pay attention to me if I expect to give in any way to others.

Ty Stingel

June 2013



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