Talents We Are Given

The talents we are given can be big or small

Are these abilities nurtured, ignored or choked out

Do we grab a hold and say yes I can or pout

It is easy to say I should have done this but harder to answer the call.

Following one’s dreams is not a catch phrase

This call to action should be a passion for a lifetime

Which could pay you millions or not a dime

In the end you are fulfilled and happy all your days.

Writing, speaking to groups and living an active life are my passions

Sharing my gift with others so they use their talents gives me joy

Every ones path in life is different for every girl and boy

Seeking a good journey never goes out of fashion.

Everyone must seek there talents no matter the cost

Unfortunately the tapes in our heads from conversations past stop us

Erasing that talk and thinking positively would free us

We would find our meaning and never be lost.

This world needs you and needs me

To do the right thing and help our fellow man

To consult God and wise counsel to help us with the plan

May your talents, abilities grow and be free.

By Ty Stingel

June 2013


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