Courage has always been an admirable quality to me

In combat, sports, overcoming illness and every day life

Overcoming circumstances that that are difficult and can cut like a knife

Courage always comes with a cost and is never free.

People who have done courageous acts have been called heroes through time

They all have had inner strength and help from above

To take care of another instead of themselves an act of care and love

Who want nothing in return not even a dime.

Courage is a life long venture this I know

Coming through serious surgeries as a child was just the start

Persevering through school and baseball drills with encouragement to make me stand apart

I am a child of God who needs strength so I can fight on and go.

The challenges of life are many to face

Do we see the journey as overwhelming and so dark

Or do we see life lessons that are to impart

Most of all do we stand up and say God give me courage and grace.

Thank you to all who have gone into battle so long ago

Who answered the call for their country so we could be free

The sacrifice you made was for all too see

May we never forget and remember the courage you bestowed.

So stand up with courage today when you are called

Whatever you are asked to do by man or God above

May you have strength like eagles but yet harmless as a dove

Oh what a honor yesterday, today or in the future to rise up and be called.

By Ty Stingel

June 10, 2013


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