The First Meeting

The first meeting happens many times in life

The first time you go to school that feels scary and making our way in the world

The first time were we go to church and faith is unfurled

Those first meetings are so unpredictable in life.

The first time we apply for university or a job

Both take a world of faith and we are praying they like us

Whatever their decision we are in or we go forward and shake off the dust.

Life is a journey not a job.

Well I have a very important meeting coming up

My birth mom and I meet for the first time at least for me

She say me as a baby, this is a new experience and want to be free

To love,tears, share life, be joyful when the day comes up.

I have had first meetings before and with the ones I love they are special ones

May this meeting be full of memories that will be great to build on

Where my birth mom and I feel joy as she calls to me son

Those first meetings scary, wonderful as you may be taught something by the Son.


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