Dreams how are they realized today

First you have to have a burning desire to achieve the goal

Let no one get in the way of your dreams and goals

Let everyone know you are determined and you are not going away.

Having the heart of a champion

To overcome adversity and trial

You put in your work with discipline, personality and style.

Remind yourself despite the people who discourage I am a champ.

Believe me life is real as it gets with struggles we all have to bear

Are we afraid or face the day with courage today

Live a hearty live filled with work, family, adventure and play

When the burdens are heavy God will be there.

So dream big dreams for yourself on the journey of life

See what no one else sees and go for it

Believe that you will make it

God believes in you, the other supporters will give you encouragement in your life.

By Ty Stingel

June 25, 2013


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