What It Means To Be Canadian

What it means to be Canadian for me

Goes far beyond Canada Day as we are a land of opportunity

For people to realize their dreams and be free

This country is a great place to live from sea to shining sea.

I was born in the flat land of southern Saskatchewan so I am biased to the prairies

The people work hard, love their families and enjoy their time at play

They take pride in their communities and want to stay

Oh how I miss the land of my birth and the innocent times it carried.

What is your Canadian story

Do you live in B.C., the prairies, central Canada or the maritimes

Freedom for all our stories was paid in lands far away at one time

So be thankful for every day of this life and your story.

When crisis hits our land through war, economics or natural disaster

We as Canadians come together for a common cause

To give, sacrifice with no applause

We make no excuses and adapt as the world goes faster.

So be proud of your Canadian heritage were ever you may be

From the work you do and the national sport of hockey we play

The art, music and dramas we create that mould the nation like clay

This is what Canada means to me and what I see.

By Ty Stingel

July 2013


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