My Family Experience Is Whole

My family experience is whole

Meeting my birth mom and husband the other day

Another dimension of my life is opening up I pray

My meeting answered questions and soothed my soul.

I was be birthed by baptism in a spiritual way

Adding a dimension by seeing where I came from and the history I never knew

Makes me feel happy and sealed a knew bond between us like glue

I am grateful for being chosen and loved and care for my mom who found me I pray.

This meeting has made me feel abundantly loved

To succeed at a high level in my work and as a man

To write, speak and advocate for others and take a stand

I have been strengthened like an eagle and harmless as a dove.

I now feel like I can be a better son, brother and uncle today

God has freed me from the what if’s in my life

He has taken away, angst, questions and strife

So thank you mom for opening up your heart and may God mold our relationship like clay.

By Ty Stingel

July 8, 2013


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