Hanging out with Alfredo

I love getting the chance to hang out with my nephew Alfredo. He is a very smart kid that has boundless energy. We play soccer, football, baseball and have a lot of fun being together. I only see him one or two times tops in a year. However it is quality time and I get to impart some uncle wisdom that I hope he uses in his life. I am glad he is a free thinker and does his own thing.

Looking forward to watching him in hockey camp in August. I have a new camera that has a video component  so their will be lots of footage of him when I am there. He is 9 year old and going to his third hockey camp. He is an excellent athlete and will only get better. He is going into grade 4 in September. It is my grandparents and my dream that he combine athletics and education to give him a bright future. The discipline from athletics and school intersect and make a child grow into a well rounded adult.

I have been blessed to learn these values of education, sports, discipline, determination, dedication from my parents, teachers and other role models along the way. So my dream is that my nephew Alfredo can looking back on his upbringing with fond memories and he can grow into a fine young man. May God richly bless his path.

By Tylor Stingel

July 9, 2013


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