Education For The Disabled Child

Education for a disabled child can be done. The old saying if there is a will there is a way. I have dealt with traumatic brain injury affects all my life. I have been blessed with great teachers, tutors which include my parents who were patient with me. Reading, writing, spelling, math, science and history were worked on. My dad would tell me working hard is not good enough. Working smart and a good work ethic will take me places he would say. There were too be no excuses, compensate, be practice an educational skill successful over and over again. Yes I graduated high school and have a B.A. in Leadership Development but when you want something bad enough you do what it takes to be successful. Yes it took me longer and their were no shortcuts in my life. I am grateful to God and family that have stood by me in my experience.

The educational life for any disabled child will depend on the disability, attitude of the caregiver on education and the desire of the student to give their best effort whatever that might be. Every child takes a different road to learning. Some individuals are hands on  learners. Other students learn by hearing or by sight. Technology can be a great tool to giving a disabled student a level playing field to succeed in the classroom in this information age.

Some parents or caregivers might not approve of my parents or my approach to learning. The great thing is that no one has to use our approach. They can use a method that makes their child successful in and out of the classroom. All I can say is be creative in your teaching or tutoring techniques, be involved with your children’s school, go to parent teacher interviews, make learning fun and never give up on your child.

My parents God bless them never gave up on me. A child disabled or able bodied can be given a great gift of the desire to learn and research a topic that interests them. Every child has a talent and parents and teachers are given the joint task to help the child and student to discover what they are good at doing.

By no means am I an expert on the education of a disabled student. I just have experience being an overcomer of my disability. My parents have sacrificed a lot to make me the person I have become. I would love to hear more success stories of children and parents who have gone on similar journey our family. Let me make it clear I cheer for anyone who overcomes their difficulties in the classroom, their disability and how successful they have become and the parents and caregivers who support them.

Success can come in varied degrees for every disabled student or with a learning disability and I say cheer a good effort big or small. A positive attitude will make all the difference in the world. So be all you can be and seize each day as a disabled student and the parents , caregivers, teachers and tutors that support them.

By Ty Stingel

July 22, 2013



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