Follow Your Heart

Life is so short why not live it with passion

We have a take a chance and be all in

Finding your talents and begin

Follow your heart and don’t worry about people’s reaction.

Yes you could win or lose

Challenges could come from every direction each day

However if you never try you will know never know how to play

So what do you choose?

Following one’s heart can be risky proposition

Some people may not support your dreams

Be strong, courageous and unwavering and be free

In the end how you live is your decision.

I choose to write, speak and encourage others

The cost at time has been great when doing what is right

However this is my honor, my journey and fight.

So it is my goal to be kind, understanding, supportive of my sister and brother.

What stirs your heart and what are your goals?

Never back down and take your stand

Whatever your background, abilities you have rights in this land

Believe that God has faith in you and will honor your dreams and goals.

So follow your hearts and the results may surprise you

May you blessed, happy and fulfilled in your daily walk

So encourage other’s today as you talk

When you live a life of service the blessings will come back too you.

By Ty Stingel

July 25, 2013



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