Being Who God Wants Me To Be

Our families, friends and the the world pull as to be a certain way

Being who God wants me to be

Helps me to be happy and free

Where people judge and comfortable with me being a certain way.

Following God has many disciplines and sacrifices each day

The reward for obedience is God’s blessings and grace

While having a grateful attitude and singing “Amazing Grace”

If we look hard enough we can see it at our homes, work and play.

Adults like myself tend to lead a complicated life

God calls us to have child like faith like a mustard seed

Living under directions we finally can see

We are at peace and no longer want to live in strife.

My friends who do you want to be?

To go where you want to go and and do amazing things

With the amazing gifts and talents you bring

What a happy day that will be living a life with no strings.

By Ty Stingel

August 1, 2013


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