Prayer is such a wonderful thing

You can talk too God morning, noon or night

When you are happy, sad, angry and scared from fright

Sometimes a prayer even wants to make a person sing.

My prayers these days are of gratitude for each day

Thanking God for my life my family and new family found

Sometimes the prayers are loud other times where God can only hear the sound

God loves when we talk to him as he gives an invitation to stay.

My biggest offense is that I pray for just stuff

My thoughts need to be an attitude of praise

Why me no matter the circumstance with a blank gaze

Is not a option as God will call my bluff.

I am alive and well and God will bless my goals and dreams

Prayer is a blessed thing were we get to share life with God

While we hopefully make a positive imprint on this sod

Where God blesses our plans in the direction He deems.

Patience in prayer for me is a work in progress of my journey

God never gives up on me no matter how churn away

For in the end if I am obedient I will give God the say

Prayer is clear and never blurry.

By Ty Stingel

August 2, 2013


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