The Workout

The workout is a great stress reliever

A exercise bike,treadmill, rowing machine and free weights

To drive the worries of the world away and put me in a healthy state

To cool down and no longer have a fever.

The workout makes me stronger

I challenge my body to new heights

So I can use my mind to go new heights

The goal to live healthy and longer.

The workout can take on so many dimensions

In the gym,a long walk, run or playing team sports

During this pursuit you may find the love of your life to court

For others a solitary journey to relieve tension.

The workout can make a disabled person feel whole

The goals achieved can be small or large in this physical life today

It can be a spiritual event to meditate and pray.

So you see the workout is not something to dread

We have the chance to refresh the soul

We are given a temple the body with good actions to control

To take care of our bodies and be God led.

By Ty Stingel

August 6, 2013


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