Summer Dreams

Summer dreams can be achieved in the prime of one’s life

Yes this means being a risk taker with your plans and schemes

However it is God’s timing when these plans comes true it seems

And oh I am so thankful for that fact in my life.

You see the hopes of continued life happened in the spring

Where the struggle came in proving people wrong

How would I know through my life that would be my song

Sometimes dreams and aspirations develop while grow and have something to bring.

Summer dreams can mean something different for anyone

Where your talents and gifts tend to fall

Which correspond with your desires and call

When you follow the light your blessed reality cannot be undone.

What a sad thing to have no summer dreams full of promise in life

So I pray,inspiration, creativity and determination withstand the test of time

While God’s vision for your life is fufilled and he treats you kind

May may summer dreams chase your mind, body and soul through out your life.

By Ty Stingel

August 9, 2013


2 thoughts on “Summer Dreams

  1. Hi Ty, I have really been enjoying reading your posts. I went to school with you in Yorkton, SK at Simpson school. Very happy to hear you have been doing well, when you left I never knew why, and it has been a question in my head for years. I sent you a message on facebook ( doesn’t look like you’re too active there). I will be adding this page to my favorties and look forward to reading more from you.

    • Hi Dave,
      I am glad you enjoy my posts. I have written a book called They Said,”I Couldn’t” a autobiography of my life has a brain injury survivor self published in Red Deer Alberta in 2004. I may write a second book this time of poetry. I have lived all over since my Yorkton days as we moved in 1987 to Regina where my mom went to nursing school and graduated in 1990 as a R.P.N. My dad worked on a oil refinery in Regina. Our family moved again to Central Alberta for my moms career. I graduated from Lacombe Composite High School in 1993. I have since gotten a degree in biblical studies and Leadership Development and have lived in Saskatchewan or Alberta as an adult.Have worked at a few different careers but am now working as a professional writer in Central Alberta. My active Facebook account is Tylor Stingel or you can email me at
      What has life been like for you? Where do you live now? Hope we can keep in touch. The internet can be great to reconnect with friends and people you know from your past.
      Regards, Ty Stingel

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