How do I feel when the words take flight

My imagination takes over my vision

Where the work of my pen is done and on to making my next decision

To tell the truth and do what is right.

Creativity can be man’s delight

The painting, the song and written word

Even a sculpture know matter how abstract or absurd

The brain is used to create morning, noon and night.

My poetry or songs come from a deep place

To love to live, laugh, cry or make a change

Never to stay still but to spark a flame

To share of God’s amazing grace.

Imagination has seen me through the day

I can feel free like a little child

But have a purpose while being calm and mild

Like a potter working with a jar of clay.

Hold onto faith like a child running through the leaves

Your plan is just a vision of creativity away

A person is never too young or old to play

Imagination can build your dreams.

By Ty Stingel

August 20, 2013


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