Overcoming Acquired Brain Injury and Fufilling My Potential

I was informed by my mom that I had an acquired brain injury or (A.B.I.) . However a title or a condition does not define who I am. I have lived with the affects of brain injury through surgeries,occupational, physio therapy, competing in regular classes in elementary, High School and College classes. I have played baseball, soccer, track and field and golf competing at doing my best. Was I an all-star at any sport or academic scholar and the answer is no.

I have worked at different jobs and held my own. Do I like my current job as a writer and poet you better believe it. Do i love sharing my vision of life through this blog the answer is a resounding yes. My dream is too get my message out to as many people possible and speak to businesses, school, faith and disability organizations to spread my message of hope.

Having a disability is not a death sentence but a chance to do great things that no one expects of the individual. What is normal please tell me. Every human being has their quirks. We all have strengths and weaknesses. We can be taught so much through losses and difficulties in life to rise up and show others this is a bright new day and how are you going to live this live.

So I will be using my talents, spiritual gifts to be a blessing to other. I want to live each day like it is my last. So i challenge all who read this to use your talents, love your family and have faith that you can be used for a great purpose in this life.

By Ty Stingel

August 20, 2013


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