Yes I Can Achieve

Yes I can achieve

I belong and will not let anything stop me

I serve a great God who leads me

While I walk on this earth and breath.

You see I have fought what is declared normal in this world

However it’s God’s opinion and direction that matters

When others don’t believe and scatter

I will say yes I can as the plan is unfurled.

I cheer for the underdog who wants to succeed against the odds

Who is not deterred by their race, economics, ability or faith

Where they live off of confidence, leadership, mercy and grace

While they influence the world as they travel this sod.

So I will say yes to myself and others yes we can achieve

I amazed from my heroes who have had courage for there life

They have overcome, changed the world even when adversaries words cut like a knife

So every day I will wake up and say to myself I believe.

Our lives should be lived full out

We must believe we are worthy each day

While we are inspired spiritually, mentally and physically I pray

So we leave nothing on the table of our abilities day in and day out.

By Ty Stingel

August 26, 2013


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