Family Ties

One day we are born and the trumpet sounds

When mother, father, grandparents and family rejoice

The baby cries and all are glad for the their voice

When all is right family ties abound.

However not every child is fortunate in this world

To the wealthy options in a hospital setting

Or to be born to two parent who love over them and are fretting

You see there are unwed mothers in this world.

My journey started with a young mother who had courage you see

To give birth and to give me up

To adopted parents who choice me and their love never stops

Now I am older and my family ties make me strong and free.

My parents love Jesus in their daily walk

So do I and my birth mom as we bless each other while we talk.

Family is what you make of it and to love one another

Yes family can be a complicated thing with our strengths and flaws

However the goal is to accept each other for who we are not with judgement and laws

All we have to do is follow the golden rule and love our sister and brother.

If our family ties are strong we can make it through this life

From birth to death we only have each other

To love on, seek wisdom with and go on this journey following the Heavenly Father

So be there for whoever you call family in this life.

By Ty Stingel

August 28, 2013

Dedicated to my family  and friends who have loved and supported me through the years. May God bless you richly.



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