Intensity in Following The Dream

The intensity in following one’s dream is not shown to me by an N.H.L. star or a M.L.B. player it is by a 9 year old boy who happens to be my nephew Alfredo. He has been on skates since he was 1 year and ten months. He loves the game and relentlessly pursues getting better at his hockey game. Now he is 9 years old and on a rep traveling team. He is pursuing the best grades in school too. He is not the  most talented player or the smartest student but he is the hardest worker and with purpose.

No one gets to this place of accomplishment alone. His grandparents are big supporters being at and making sure the finances are in place for hockey camps and new equipment. His parents and siblings are on board with his commitment to get better each and every day. He is a driven little boy with a measured approach to hockey and life.

He comes from a family of overachievers on his mom’s side of the family. My dad a welder and high school welding teacher in a high school from humble beginnings. My mom Alfredo’s grandma was a nurse for over 20 years and achieved her dream at the age of 40. His mom is a talented manager, baker and cook. Teaching ESL and now being a writer and blogger by the grace of God I have overcome and achieving my dreams as a writer and poet. all of these achievements takes intensity ,desire, determination and dedication to one’s craft. Alfredo and his brothers Finnegan and Seamus have quite a heritage. May they always follow their dreams and seize each day.

Who inspires you to follow your dreams? What energizes you to make your dreams come true? What are you passionate about? Do not let anyone or anyone get in your way of achieving your goals. Be blessed and keep the faith that tomorrow is a new day where you can make another step towards following your dreams and making it a reality.

By Ty Stingel

September 26, 2013



I need a goal or goals each day for motivation. Procrastination is a mind numbing lazy concept that I must not accept. My family and especially my oldest nephew Alfredo’s desire to move forward in school, hockey and life to drive me on. I want to be the best son, uncle, brother, friend, mentor and writer.

How can you not be motivated in this life to give your all in whatever you put your hand too. My grandfather Stingel used to tell my dad and my uncle and aunts do what you do, do well. What a testament to creating a strong work ethic in your children. To follow what God would have for each one of his children. What a legacy for a man who lived just under 60 years on this earth. He Leroi Stingel was a glacier installer by trade when he was healthy. He went into the hospital when my dad was 3 years old and died when my dad was 15 years old. However the life lessons gave my dad motivation and drive to be the best he can be. My dad and my mom instilled some of those same values of drive, determination, dedication and discipline for my sister and I and their 3 grandsons.

In  1 Corinthians 13:13 that the faith, hope and love are the greatest thing a human possesses that come from God and within their Spirit. My greatest motivation is that I am a child of God and He wants his child to do well. He wants top give us the desires of our hearts and to do well.

We have no excuses not to inspire, create, encourage, push forward and be the person we are created to be and make a difference by letting our faith, hope and love lights shine. So my question is what motivates, inspires you to create. Have faith and hope to do small thing to make yourself believe again or just keep on believing the dream you set for yourself long ago.

A recent example of a dream follower is a 64 year old woman who swam from Cuba to the Florida Keys in 53 hours. This was her 5th  and final try and she succeeded. What an inspiration to people of all ages never to give up, be determined and have faith that your dream will come true one day.

So disability, acquired brain injury and all the nay say individuals won’t keep me from my goals. I only want a faithful God, jesus, Holy Spirit and positive people to help chase my dreams and inspire others.

By Ty Stingel

September 3, 2013