The Path

The path of life is never easy while we are here on earth

And it times it makes no sense 

hold onto those you love on the right and left

let them no how much they mean to you and the next generation when theirs a birth

You see all of us have choices to make

We can hold onto the hurts of the past

Or live a life worth living and hold onto promises that last

To know we are love and to love others that is what is at stake.

The path of life will take us down a winding road

Sometime we many falter

Then take our burdens to the alter

Where we give up that heavy load

So I sing glory to God my father while I am on this path

For giving this path to bear

Where I can help others who thought they did have a prayer

And I know without Him I would not last

So let us sing to the Father as he knows what’s best

For the road he has us on

And cherish all the memories from morning until dawn

We see the great journey he has took us and in this life we are his guest.

So we my brother and sister the path is ours and make it last

We can come out of darkness and see what light

We can change our direction and make others lives so bright

So may we walk this path together and live a life of love that will last.

By Ty Stingel

October 5, 2013



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