Today is a new day

full of plans and schemes

where you can achieve your dreams

and God can mold you like clay.

Yesterday is remembered but not to dwell on

Bad experienced are to be learned from

Not to be punished with till kingdom come

Today is the dawn of a new day looking towards the Son.

So today my friend work towards your plans

With intelligence and creativity with the opportunity given

The keys of success will not be handed to you so you must be driven

Go for what you want and take a stand.

So today is never guaranteed and is a gift

And when you live like there is no tomorrow

where you may have joy, struggle or sorrow

Where you seek growth in that day, encourage others and give them a lift.

Remember the memories of yesterday and create new ones today

Think of what can be and not the way things were

Life sometimes needs to be shaken and stirred

Whatever you do say I will have a great day!

By Ty Stingel

October 8, 2013


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