Affects of My Last Concussion

I have been told I have a bit of an edge since my last concussion a couple of years ago. I get angry faster, I use curse words more readily and don’t have the filter in my private life. Publicly and when I am doing business I’m on my best behavior. This may make me a hypocrite but that is ok we all wear many masks. I am just making an attempt to take this one off and be honest about what concussions can do.

My last concussion happened while I was working for a marketing company as the job was meant for speed. I missed a step and I could feel my head hit the step as it hit each and every step down to the ground on my left side along with my left hand and ankle. All three parts of my body were a mess. Thank God for the home owner and his daughter who came out to see the commotion and assisted me with bandages and a towel to absorb the blood. The dad drove me to the hospital and I got immediate attention due to a head injury and concussion.

When I came back to consciousness at the bottom of the step. I remember saying I am sorry to the homeowner and his daughter several times. They said there is nothing to apologize for and they hope I would be ok. These were good people who didn’t know me from Adam yet they helped me out in my time of need and I will be forever grateful for that.

The symptoms for post concussion syndrome were intense for me this time. I was told to be off work for a month at least by the doctor. The headaches, sensitivity to bright light and being easily angered by little things that were nothing more than my symptoms still continuing. I have mentioned many time before in my blog that I am not a patient person. I felt horrible and useless and being away from family. I am grateful for my friends and church who were loving and kind to me at this time.

Their seems to be a lot of talk about concussions in the sporting world especially in hockey, football and wrestling. My heart goes out to these athletes and the affects of multiple concussions and how it can devastate a person and their families lives as these concussions can cause erratic behavior, depression, headaches, eye issue and suicide thoughts, attempts and at worst being successful in suicide and their family is left to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives.

Just like some famous athletes I would like to have my brain tested Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or C.T.E. as it is known for short a brain disease to be looked at for research. I need to know I made a difference in helping someone beat the disease if I eventually get it like I have helped and encouraged my fellow man in life. How do I feel about the possibility of getting this disease, dementia or Alzheimer’s all possibilities can be scary but I  can educate myself, take care of my brain, body and leave the rest up to God. Their is a one in one chance I won’t make it out of this world alive so live life to the fullest.

Concussion is something that happened to me but I won’t be defeated by it. I have too many dreams to dream. Too many goals to achieve. Too many loved ones and friends to cheer on! So take care of yourselves my friends all that know someone with concussion history or yourself. There is life on the other side. Work through your emotions that have dealt with the denial, anger, bargaining of the injury and may you get to the other side and have acceptance and let go. Most of all do not be defined by your concussion or head injury be defined by the unique, talented person you are. To move beyond the greatest gift you can be given moving forward is love and understanding to go forward.

Now all I ask in return is you pay this message forward. Love on, befriend and encourage someone today.

Regards, Ty Stingel

October 11, 2013


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