Welcome Home

Well it is Thanksgiving and be should say welcome home

Put aside our differences instead of creating a perfect storm

Instead love one another like it is the norm

So give your parents a hug and kiss and say it’s good to home

So live in the moment and don’t bicker about the past

Live with each other in harmony and be thankful for what you got

You never know if you will be here again at this very spot

So make memories that are joyous and will last.

We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow and when our maker calls us home

So let’s take care of the present and say three precious words I love you

Be thankful for the turkey, the trimmings and ask what can I do

When you are at peace with God and the one’s you love you are never alone.

So welcome home you weary traveller God will say to us

My son or daughter you need not weep no more

You have run the race well as  He opens up the door

I am yours and you are mine he will say to us.

By Ty Stingel

October 13, 2013


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