Embracing Life

Embracing life is to accept who you are

When you are fighter you must fight

When you show courage you must not be full of fright

Be empowered to shine like a star.

Never be afraid to take on new challenges today

Hiking up a mountain to see a different point of view

Early in the morning under a heavy dew

So we can be flexible like a jar of clay.

So many people only see their life as it is now

Not what there lives can be

Never to be handcuffed by others expectations but now free

Be happy again and not full of doubt.

Embrace your talents and the passions you have ever imagined

Your life may never be the same again if you believe

What was stolen can now be retrieved

To show your personality that is fashioned

So now embrace your life’s journey again

Fight for who you want to be

No matter what others see

So embrace life with the support of family or friend.

By Ty Stingel

October 17, 2013



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