Head Injuries in Sport

  Our national pastime in Canada is hockey. Concussions were not going to be a high profile injury until a star player was injured. Then it happened Sidney Crosby had two concussions within days and was out for 11 months rehabbing and resting his head injury. Sid Crosby became the poster boy of concussion and took advantage of the best neurologists and specialists who deal with concussion and his employers the Pittsburgh Penguins were not in a rush to protect their investment. Who knew if Sid would ever be the same as concussion studies are ever evolving. Thank goodness for Sid Crosby, his agent Pat Brisson, Ray Shero the General Manager and the Pittsburgh ownership group to be trailblazers in how to treat a player with concussion issues.

 Being a baseball fan catchers seem to be in a position were concussions are the most prevalent. Foul tips are the most consistent play that ring the bells of catchers as the ball hits the mask at high rates of speed usually between 85-95 miles an hour. So technology of a well made mask can help diminish concussions for catchers. Hitters have helmets but their still is risk of getting hit if the pitcher is wild. So yes in baseball like most professional sports there is risk which the athlete excepts.

Soccer no matter men’s or women’s teams headers can produce concussions. Women are more prone to head injuries in this sport. So education and proper instruction of technique will always make the sport safer. The athlete is a human being not a piece of meat. Though owners of even professional soccer teams believe it but wouldn’t say it publicly. Soccer is the biggest sport is most of the world and a healthy educated athlete who is educated on concussions like other injuries will improve this sport.

Football is the most barbaric of sports and the high school, university, Canadian Football League and National Football League are at risk due to their lack of education and concern over education. Finances can’t overtake a players health. However the N.F.L. would beg to differ as they don’t want to acknowledge concussion, head, neck injuries and brain disease that affect current and former players.

So head injury in sports is not something to be afraid of in sport. Education and learning about the brain through neurology reports on athletes can help families of athletes and athletes to make decisions about their sports. You can have many parts of the body replaced but we are only given one brain and it’s each individuals job to take care of it. Un necessary death due to depression from head injury need not happen as long as the secrecy ceases for the risk in all sports. My dream is that all sports teams from minor sports, high school, university and pro teams have trainers who can diagnose and tell the athlete the truth and keep them safe. A life means more than the all mighty dollar. All these programs make money its about time to take care of the person with the invisible injury with devastating results. So I say again lets protect the athlete’s head and brain.

By Ty Stingel

October 17, 2013



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