Learning To Let People Get Closer

  I have always had trouble letting people get a little bit closer to me as ex girl friends and fiancées can attest. I am not the easiest guy to get to know as family and friends will tell you as well. Some people will accuse me of being aloof or distant. That is not the case I just don’t want to get hurt, felt pity for or someone viewing me as a project due to my brain injury, epilepsy condition or disability. Love and acceptance and treating me as a equal is all I ever wanted.

  What gets me the most angry is when people who are relative patronize me. I get this attitude in the market place and in the world I don’t need it from you is the thought. My perception that anyone who reads this has relatives, bosses and others who would do the same thing so I don’t think I am special. However I am getting in touch with these feelings for the first time in a long time. To make changes you must think and then act to invite people to be part of your world.

  Going back to the profession of writing and now blogging a person can open themselves up to criticism or praise and you better be able to handle both. Yes I am a big boy and can handle that type of scrutiny. Just saying I will be more vulnerable and let people in and yet trust my instincts so I don’t get played for what people can get out of generous old Ty. Life is a tightrope and you must stick to who you are without putting walls up.

 Writing this blog has freed me up to be who I am as a writer, person and have met cool people from all over the world. So yes my world has grown yet again like it does with High School, college/university and work. When you get hurt like I did in my last job you feel the feels dust yourself off and move on. I want to say I have not been a person full of excuses but someone that has challenged himself everyday no matter what people say.

 So in closing all I am saying like myself stay authentic in your relationships with family, friends, workmates. Do not let yourself be a victim inside relationships instead be a victor. Be kind, loving, firm when you need to be and set healthy boundaries. Most of be the best person you can be physically, spiritually, mentally, emotional you can and the rest will take care of itself. You will be blessed if you do.

By Ty Stingel

October 18, 2013


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