Grandpa Came Down From Heaven

When Grandpa Roy came down from Heaven

If only in my dreams

He was proud of his son and family as his face beemed

What a vision to have at the age of eleven.

When grandpa met my mom he loved her at first sight

He told his son well done she is beautiful and smart

She is a God fearing woman and has a big heart

You work well together son and a good woman can help you see the light.

Grandpa and daddy talked for hours

With his granddaughter on his knee

And I hanging on every word at his feet

For my dad seeing grandpa again was like a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Looking healthy in a black suit and hat as he got up to go

Telling his son  the next time he will see him in heaven when dad goes home.

So grandpa said goodbye and left the house that day

He disaperared in sight and Jesus took him home

All of us in the family would never feel alone

Daddy and momma were thankful as we got down on our knees too pray.

By Ty Stingel

November 27, 2013


Hospital Bed

My grandpa was resigned to a hospital bed

When my dad was all but three

Grandpa taught dad about the golden rule, fishing, hunting and the importance of being free

If the wall in that hospital room could talk to know what was said.

Daddy as a small boy brought joy to grandpa’s heart

He helped his son endure even when times were hard

The many days he must have prayed from the very start

He lived long enough share his life experiences with wisdom he did impart.

Grandpa taught his son about love, honor, courage and shared moments of fun

They shared an experience as father and son that was to short though memories for my father are not frayed 

However they made the best of their time together in those days

This father and son despite grandpa’s illness shared a special bond of respect and love.

So that hospital bed saw love and pain

When grandpa went to be with Jesus he was at peace and rest

His son would feel alone but the Heavenly Father would take care of him and pass the new life test

As in the coming days he would see the sunshine and the rain.

By Ty Stingel

November 26, 2013


The Mountains

 The Rocky Mountain in Banff and Kananaskis country in Alberta Canada is where I would like to be right now. I have had so many good memories from family and personal trips were I got to hike and enjoy the majesty of God’s creation. I have written many a poem out in that beautiful wilderness. The Christmas memories we had as a family come flooding back as we didn’t concentrate on gifts but the reason why we celebrate in the first place Christ’s birth. Their is a purity about being out in the mountains no matter the season. That is why I long to go back to these places.

 The Rocky Mountains of Canada are an artists dream whether they paint, sketch, write poetry, songs or books it is a great place to get creative. In our country, the United States and Mexico were I have travelled and worked I have seen beautiful landscapes that are awe inspiring that can promote the same feeling to create. The mountain always felt like a second home to relax, pray, think and be refreshed for the next adventure to come.

So till the next time I will dream of that trip to share with family or friends. New memories to be formed in this beautiful rugged land. Oh how we are blessed to live but three plus hours to these mountains which seem majestic to me. Everyone has a special place they love to travel to and this will always be mine.

By Ty Stingel

November 16, 2013



Humanity can achieve great heights

Or sink to new lows in this life

Sharing joy or causing strife

The choices we make in peace, flight or too fight.

A person can live very privately or publicly depending on their profession

So their action and words can be judged as you never know who’s watching

Whether we are right or wrong their maybe a young person adopting

How we act which is life’s great lesson.

Humanity can be honorable or vile

Their are choices to be made for self, family and other masks we wear

We can try to hide but the camera of life will always stare

So being good or bad can be opened like a computer file.

Humanity has lived through war and peace

To be enslaved or to be free

History is for all to see

Life is an all in affair and never a lease.

So humanity is for us too seek

In our daily lives on this earth

In all stage of live from death, middle age or birth

Humanity is too be worked on daily and is not free.

By Ty Stingel

November 15, 2013

Remember The Heroes

This time of year is always great for reflection. First for Thanksgiving and tomorrow for Remembrance Day and our living and fallen heroes from all the Wars were Canada served. World War 1, 2, Korean War, Vietnam, various peace keeping missions and Afghanistan. We as Canadians should be grateful for their service and sacrifices for our nation and allies.

  We have a personal story of heroism in our family for World War 1 and 2. During the first great war Cpl. Charles C. Stingel was a dispatch rider and was killed at Vimy Ridge on April 9, 1917 at the age of 28. He was a train engineer before he signed up for duty in Halifax Nova Scotia in 1915. This was my dad Angus Stingel oldest uncles. He my dad had another uncle who fought with the Nova Scotia Scottish Highlanders in World War 1 and survived. Then moved to the Boston area and fought with the United States Navy in World War 2 with a wife and 6 children at the time and his name was George Stingel. He survived both wars with one shoulder wound in the first war and shot in the knuckle by a bullet while on the ship were he served.

  The years are passing rapidly and more World War 2 and Korean War Veterans are dying by the day as they are in the their mid eighties to early nineties. So remember, respect and keep the Veterans and their families in your prayers this Remembrance Day November 11, 2013.

Regards, Ty Stingel

November 10, 2013