The Letter

We are here on earth for but a short time

So I thought the way to share my love was in the letter

Filled with a summation of love, memories that makes us feel better

instead of hurtful words that destroy and we are never fine.

I see our generations in this family of mine today

We can be stubborn and push each other away to survive

However we are accomplished, loving and giving from what others derive

If we could only communicate we would be okay.

Change the quarrel of yesterday and accept each other

Building towards the future dreams for each other

Putting our faith in God and support for one another.

May this letter in poetry state the love for my family line

I am humbled by my birth, upbringing and life given to me

My prayer is we can take off the face of sadness, anger and forgive to be free

No more blame but step show acts of love and acceptance would be a great sign.

So this letter is an admission life is short glimmer of light

Admit we will never be perfect and love each other as we are

You never know with the proper example in our family we could have many a rising star

We could have peace once again and forget who is right.

By Ty Stingel

November 6, 2013



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