What’s in a mask

They have to be sturdy and colorful for sure

Like a hockey goalie’s or baseball catcher’s to be stylish and endure

Something to protect and to last.

Just like the athlete we all wear this armour daily to protect

To project what we want people to see

No matter what we need too be free

We need to be authentic with others from the right and left.

So let us take off the masks we now wear

This will not be easy as we all have scares

Both seen and unseen so we can truly live and go far

Look each other in the eye and not the hundred yard stare.

So let the goalies and catchers keep their masks

To protect their faces and heads from injury today and always

While they apply their craft, stay injury free and allowed to stay

We have authentic mask that keeps us free in our tasks.

By Ty Stingel

November 7, 2013



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