Humanity can achieve great heights

Or sink to new lows in this life

Sharing joy or causing strife

The choices we make in peace, flight or too fight.

A person can live very privately or publicly depending on their profession

So their action and words can be judged as you never know who’s watching

Whether we are right or wrong their maybe a young person adopting

How we act which is life’s great lesson.

Humanity can be honorable or vile

Their are choices to be made for self, family and other masks we wear

We can try to hide but the camera of life will always stare

So being good or bad can be opened like a computer file.

Humanity has lived through war and peace

To be enslaved or to be free

History is for all to see

Life is an all in affair and never a lease.

So humanity is for us too seek

In our daily lives on this earth

In all stage of live from death, middle age or birth

Humanity is too be worked on daily and is not free.

By Ty Stingel

November 15, 2013


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