The Mountains

 The Rocky Mountain in Banff and Kananaskis country in Alberta Canada is where I would like to be right now. I have had so many good memories from family and personal trips were I got to hike and enjoy the majesty of God’s creation. I have written many a poem out in that beautiful wilderness. The Christmas memories we had as a family come flooding back as we didn’t concentrate on gifts but the reason why we celebrate in the first place Christ’s birth. Their is a purity about being out in the mountains no matter the season. That is why I long to go back to these places.

 The Rocky Mountains of Canada are an artists dream whether they paint, sketch, write poetry, songs or books it is a great place to get creative. In our country, the United States and Mexico were I have travelled and worked I have seen beautiful landscapes that are awe inspiring that can promote the same feeling to create. The mountain always felt like a second home to relax, pray, think and be refreshed for the next adventure to come.

So till the next time I will dream of that trip to share with family or friends. New memories to be formed in this beautiful rugged land. Oh how we are blessed to live but three plus hours to these mountains which seem majestic to me. Everyone has a special place they love to travel to and this will always be mine.

By Ty Stingel

November 16, 2013



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