Grandpa Came Down From Heaven

When Grandpa Roy came down from Heaven

If only in my dreams

He was proud of his son and family as his face beemed

What a vision to have at the age of eleven.

When grandpa met my mom he loved her at first sight

He told his son well done she is beautiful and smart

She is a God fearing woman and has a big heart

You work well together son and a good woman can help you see the light.

Grandpa and daddy talked for hours

With his granddaughter on his knee

And I hanging on every word at his feet

For my dad seeing grandpa again was like a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Looking healthy in a black suit and hat as he got up to go

Telling his son  the next time he will see him in heaven when dad goes home.

So grandpa said goodbye and left the house that day

He disaperared in sight and Jesus took him home

All of us in the family would never feel alone

Daddy and momma were thankful as we got down on our knees too pray.

By Ty Stingel

November 27, 2013


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