Hospital Bed

My grandpa was resigned to a hospital bed

When my dad was all but three

Grandpa taught dad about the golden rule, fishing, hunting and the importance of being free

If the wall in that hospital room could talk to know what was said.

Daddy as a small boy brought joy to grandpa’s heart

He helped his son endure even when times were hard

The many days he must have prayed from the very start

He lived long enough share his life experiences with wisdom he did impart.

Grandpa taught his son about love, honor, courage and shared moments of fun

They shared an experience as father and son that was to short though memories for my father are not frayed 

However they made the best of their time together in those days

This father and son despite grandpa’s illness shared a special bond of respect and love.

So that hospital bed saw love and pain

When grandpa went to be with Jesus he was at peace and rest

His son would feel alone but the Heavenly Father would take care of him and pass the new life test

As in the coming days he would see the sunshine and the rain.

By Ty Stingel

November 26, 2013



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