To Say Hello

To say hello is a start

When a new chapter in one’s life’s journey

A new baby being born and a period of adjustment and learning

You make a commitment to be responsible and never part.

However in life parents make tough choice in regards to their child

My birth mom held me, loved me and yet for my good said goodbye

In God’s divine providence we said hello again this summer as I smiled and cried

The joy we both felt as it answered questions we both had since I was child.

Saying hello takes courage no matter what anyone says too you

We maybe accepted or rejected that day

However God’s love never fades and molds us like clay

Love, peace and joy grabs hold no matter what people may say or do.

Moving forward in life when done in faith a person can go far

Feeling comfortable in one’s own skin

To be grateful of who you are and where you’ve been

To say hello to life and knowing who is my strength and shining star. 

I am so loved and I am grateful new people have let me in

We are built to be loved, accepted and wanted on earth

Coming to peace with my past and looking forward with joy for what it’s worth

Accepting and loving family and friends where love begins.

So reintroduce yourself and say hello to someone today

Tear down the walls of time and space

And you will see God’s amazing grace

The healing begins and growth takes place.

Saying hello means I love you and I care too me

Wanting to be the best son, brother, uncle and friend

Someone that you can count on that will not bend

Every day I am grateful for this life and too be free.

By Ty Stingel

December 29, 2013

Dedicated to all my family and friends who love, care and support me.



I Can Do All Things

I can do all things

With God’s strength, direction and love

Being wise as the old eagle and harmless as a dove

I will be open too what tomorrow brings.

My life has had ups and downs

God was always their waiting for me to trust him

No matter how things got or how grim

His light over took the darkness and gave me a smile instead of my frown.

Family and friends may have their say

God approval is the only thing that matters this day

He just wants me to be in his mold as clay

Who am I too question God’s plan that’s why I pray.

Life is short and I need too share the art within me

Bringing out the color of life through pictures and words to inspire

To think clearly and stir up that Holy Fire.

Have I been disappointed in this life

The answer is yes but that came from man

God has faith in me to take a stand

He wants me to be at peace and not strife.

I can do all things

When the world say this is only what you can do

That is not what the Word says and my confidence grew

Life is full of challenges and I am looking forward to what tomorrow brings.

By Ty Stingel

December 27, 2013



Game Changing Moments in The Last Year.

Here are my top ten game changing moments of 2013 for me.

1. Talked to my birth mom Marjorie for the first time on the phone.

2. Went to work for a Human Services Non Profit Organization as a mentor on a short term contract. The experience had many negative aspects. However I learned a lot about the inner workings of the Human Services field. I also learned how the poor and disabled are treated by the organizations, workers and the community.

3. Learned the art of leadership and what it means to me.

4. Learned how to build a blog with the help of a friend. Started to learn the business side of an internet business as well. Re introduced myself to the art of writing a manuscript, poetry and freelance articles.

5. Grateful to God for my health after double pneumonia, full body infection from a blood cell infection from a cut. This sickness caused two epileptic seizures and I was in the hospital for seven days. Thank goodness for Canadian Medicare. I am well now due to the doctor’s, nurses, prayers, determination on my part and taking better care of myself.

6. Being a disciplined writer and blogger and connecting with my readers. Being creative, informative and making a positive impact on the world is important to me.

7. Meet my birth mom Marjorie and her husband Rick for the first was a game changing moment as I couldn’t believe how much I looked like her and Dustin when we were kids as we exchanged pictures and stories that day in July we met. A piece of advice for any person meeting someone new biological parent, long lost relative or sibling do something fun to break the tension or nervousness. We all went out for meals and went bowling which was a great ice breaker. Can’t wait to visit mom, Rick and the rest of the family sometime in 2014.

8. My role as Uncle, cheerleader, coach and friend with my oldest nephew Alfredo who was at Grandpa and Grandma’s for his third summer hockey camp. Alfredo’s confidence and skill grew and it was cool to spend time with him on that journey. He has had a great year with his rep team as a rookie 9 year old.

9. Meeting my step brother Dustin via Facebook. In the last few days my step sister Brandi I met on Facebook as well. They have been really good to me and it will be great to meet them in person.

10. Giving at Christmas and being thoughtful while I give to my nephews or my mom and dad for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthday’s,  the holiday season or giving in the community gives me great joy too see that they are pleased. I have learned giving is a state of mind and the heart. I hope at the end of my life I have left a legacy, blessed others and God is pleased with me.

By Ty Stingel

December 26, 2013

Trying To Achieve Perfection

Trying to achieve perfection is honorable in it’s attempt of any words or action. No one person will ever be perfect but their are moments in time we come close through our faith, school, jobs and family we all should have those moments we are elated at our or the teams accomplishment. Christmas is a time of reflection and for me what have I accomplished. This year I was grateful to find my voice again through writing, blogging and the art of poetry. I will never be perfect in the craft but now as I am older I have something to say.

 Watching an old movie on DVD “Remember the Titans” about a football team in Alexandra Virginia that was living in a time of integration of black and white students in high school and as a team. The circumstances were far from perfect. Yet this team led by Head Coach Herman Boone who is negro and assistant coach Bill Yoast who is white sought perfection as a team on and off the football field in the season of 1971. Both men wanted too see the boys succeed in a inner your face demanding way of Boone and a more laid back approach of coach Yoast but learned to rely on each other while their was racial tensions in the city and state. These young men were perfect 13-0 and won the state championship. Unlikely lifetime bonds were made and though not perfect are an example of learning to get along black and white. Brotherly love and friend ship is imperfect but the art of coming together as one was a beautiful thing in this film.

What does this have to do with Christmas? Well the only person who walked the earth was Jesus with which is the reason for the season that is celebrated. No one will ever be sinless and walk in perfect harmony with God like Jesus. However the pursuit of following Jesus’s example should inspire us to do better each day. Too seek to live with a purpose with the talents and gifts given by God and developing them to make a life for ourselves, provide for our families and bless others that we come in contact through school, work, play and volunteering to make our world better. Yes we have to take to be successful but once we are given different jobs in this life the reward of give back through time, money or an encouraging world can make the world a better place. You never know who you will impact.

My oldest nephew Alfredo seeks perfection in his hockey and is very determined. He is in grade 4 and finding his way to give his best effort in the classroom as well. He may never be perfect in either discipline but the pursuit is an example to little brothers and those around him. He is already a leader. They say it takes a village to raise a child. He has loving grandparents who support him, myself, parents, teachers and coaches. All child should be so blessed too have that love, support, coaching and teaching.

 All I want too do is too pursue success and perfection as a son, brother, uncle, friend and professionally as writer, author, blogger and wherever my work takes me. Being an advocate of sick children and the disabled is another goal for the new year. Will 2014 be a perfect year and the answer is no but seeking being the best person I can be and not being limit by man and living in God’s strength is what’s important too me.

So my prayer for all who read this article is that you can count your blessings for 2013. May you dream big for 2014 and achieve your goals. No person is an island and may you have talented positive people around you as you accomplish great things. May we all seek to be change makers next year.

By Ty Stingel

December 24, 2013


Labels We Are Given

Labels we are given

By man can hurt the heart

When negative words they impart

Listening to this noise can put chains on living.

We need to change the words we hear

Say I am worthy and made in the image of God

I will use my talents and give while traveling this sod

Too slay the giants of negativity and fear.

We all have a place on earth and given a reason to give

So let us tear off the labels that hold us back

Disability, illness or living in the land of lack

No longer will these words have power as we truly live.

How do I know such things?

Labels have been placed on me all my days

However God’s love and acceptance I crave

Life is what you make of it and God only know what tomorrow brings.

May each day we follow our dreams

Oh and yes we all have our critics and there is a cost

But with the love and approval of the Father we are never lost

The label of love flows like a trickling peaceful stream.

By Ty Stingel

December 23, 2013

( Inspired by a sermon I heard about the labels people are given in life.)



Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing was more than just a day on the lake

It was time to spend with my dad on a cold winter day

Bringing an axe or an auger to make a whole to catch the prey

Catching mostly white fish was not work and more like play.

Sitting on a old laundry bucket waiting for the fish to bite

Having the right bait and patience no matter how cold

When catching the fishing look at the story that can be told

Sharing memories and having fun looking into the sunlight.

When the fish weren’t biting we warmed up in the car

Talking sports and life before we went back for more

Perseverance and pursuing the trill of the catch is the winter fisherman to the core

This was about fun, food and the challenge and following the rules so far.

The years went by and dad and I went out to the lake less

However I will take those memories to my grave

When life seemed simple as we talked and tried to catch fish that day.

Ice Fishing was a time to reflect and be blessed.

By Ty Stingel

December 22, 2013

The Baseball Game of Life

The baseball game of life

I can smell the grass on the field and the fine cut grass

Oh I wish this feeling of peace and joy could last

Not the struggle and strife.

You see the rule of baseball are simple in scope.

To hit, to run, field and throw

Whether a boy or a man his game could flourish and grow.

The game can break your heart and give you hope.

Baseball is a measure of truth in one’s ability

Which can translate in all areas of who we are

To be the best wherever we go near or far

The Bible and Baseball were my that truth set me free.

The team work in faith and in the grand old game

Which was remarkable for a disabled found his way

Throwing to his dad in the backyard of grass to learn the trade

This was to feel able and for the love of playing not fame.

So then I coached and loved everything of the sport

The speed of the pitcher throwing the ball and strike three being called

The crack of the homerun in a playoff game in the fall

For manager’s to strategize and holding court.

The discipline of the game helped me so much

In ministry, helping others and to write

Dreams that I could never imagine took flight

This game with the smell of the glove and the beautiful ball to the touch.

By Ty Stingel

December 21, 2013