Baby Gene

Mom and Daddy were young

And baby Gene was due any day

He was born but the doctor’s told he may not make it and to pray

Then Jesus took him home at four days old at the rising of the sun.

As their hearts were breaking that day

Jesus took their baby boy and held him in His arms

He was at peace and free from sickness and alarm

Jesus put his arms around mom and daddy even if it didn’t feel that way

Baby Gene is an angel up in Heaven above

God healed mom and daddy’s heart long ago

They shared love with my sister and I more than they will ever know

While our guardian angel protect us with the strength of an eagle from above.

Mom and daddy gave all they could

When they could have closed their hearts

They shared their love, grace and courage and gave us a good start

To work, play and be a good neighbor and this was understood.

So every year on the anniversary of your passing

Mom and daddy reminisce of your short life on that day

When they think of being with the angels and pray

So here on earth your family serves Jesus and pursues an eternal love everlasting.

By Ty Stingel

November 30,2013



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