What’s In A Name ?

We are all given titles as a child, student, worker, mom, dad, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, cousin, grandpa or grandma. These names are to handled in a respectful and loving manner if that is what is given in return. What if any one of these names brings back negative memories? Well in my case I hand that burden over to God or higher power if you like and forgive that person and move forward. Remember forgiveness is for your own peace of mind. It is just a bonus if a relationship restoration takes place.

Let me tell you some of the titles I have. I am a child of God. Son of Angus and Patricia Stingel. I am also a birth son to my birth mom Marjorie. I am a brother to Talicia. Brother in law to her husband Mike. An uncle to Alfredo, Finnegan and Seamus. I am a grandson to Percy and Ann Pincombe who is Heaven. Both my grandpa Leroi and Laura Stingel  died before I was born. I know I mean something and loved by relatives I have met briefly or haven’t met yet. I am also a friend and colleague. Saying all this I have a responsibility and receive benefits inside these relationships. The good, bad and the ugly. We are family and in a relationship of trust.

Well for the lighter side of the article. Did you ever wonder what your name and loved one’s meant? Well my mom and sister’s names are Patricia and Talicia respectively which means Noble in the English translation of the meaning of their names. My birth mother Marjorie name means in Persian Child of The Light or Pearl in English. My oldest nephew Alfredo name means wise in Hebrew, His middle names Andrew mean strong and brave. John means grace and mercy of the Lord in Hebrew. His middle brother Finnegan means the fair one in Gaelic. Seamus means the one who supplants in Hebrew and means the same for the English version of his name.

Coming to my dad and my names meanings. Angus means in Gaelic strong man and John full of mercy and grace through God in Hebrew which is my middle name. Tylor means builder of tiles in English. In Hebrew it means builder, encourager. I try and build people up through my words and deeds. My creating and working is not helping build refineries, mines or buildings those were and are my dad’s talents. I am a speaker and writer of words and I am a work in progress in my profession and life.

 So I have a question for all who read this article. What does your name mean too you? Do you know the history behind why you are named the way you are? What is the importance of your name? You never know how much you might be encouraged. Your life and your name have importance first too God, then if family and friends view your name as blessed it is a bonus. You are a miracle of God when you were born and are now no matter your age. We all have a story to tell of who we are, where we came from and where we want to go in life. So what’s in a name you tell me. I would love to hear your stories on how you, love ones or friends were named.

By Ty Stingel

December 8, 2013


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