The 32nd Anniversary of My Last Brain Surgery

The month of December is not only a celebration of Christ’s birth which is the most important thing to me. It is also my parents anniversary on December 30th as well as my surrogate grandparent’s anniversary. My parent’s will have been married 44 years and my surrogate grandparents the Nelson’s will be celebrating 65 years of marriage. I have an anniversary of my own 32 years since my last brain surgery. Doctor’s said on December 31, 1981 I had a 50-50 possibility of making it out of the surgery. I have been grateful for every year. So I have been able to celebrate Christmas and these anniversaries with a thankful heart to share these experiences with the one’s I love.

Brain surgery is unpleasant any tome of the year but during the holiday season for parents and the child even more so. However operations of any kind with life and death implications can have devastating affects on a family emotionally, physically and spiritually. My parents, my sister and I made it though that time but not without a lot of prayer, the surgeon’s skilled hands and an intense bond to face this challenge as a family. So many families don’t stick together when a child is sick and that is unfortunate. So if you know a sick child or even a sick parent take some time to visit them and share an act of kindness to brighten their day.

 My parents and I are forever grateful for those kind souls family and friends who stood by us at that time. I am alive and well and trying to give back to share the joy of Christmas with my family and friends. It is good to be alive and well and asking what can i give with my life not what i can get with life? I hope i am not preaching to all you that read this. Receiving a gift with thankfulness is important too.The gift of life was given to me and I am thankful to all who made that possible all so long ago.

 May you all have a blessed Christmas season and have a Blessed New Year!

By Ty Stingel

December 11, 2013


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