Christmas Memories

Getting up as a boy on an early Christmas morning

Checking if Santa had come during the night

Waking up mom and dad and tearing into the presents before light

Mom making breakfast and reading the Christmas story.

Taking more joy in giving the present that getting one

Though I was grateful for every present that was given

Wondering about the magic of Christmas and that was living

Thinking how did Santa deliver all the gifts till all was done.

All those treasured memories when we put our differences aside

Sometimes travelling to the mountains were we just were in God’s peace

No matter if it was warm or a deep freeze

Where we took in Christmas Eve service and sang silent night.

My sister and I always were fascinated with the Christmas tree

The ornaments mom had us put on every year

She would say what will Santa bring my dear

Knowing the real meaning of Jesus’s birth and in Him we are free.

Christmas has changed as the family is grown

But the meaning of the season and my memories of the season

To be thankful for family, friends and baby Jesus the most blessed reason

That we celebrate the prophecy to be fulfilled and known.

By Ty Stingel

December 13, 2013



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