I Have A Voice

I have a voice

To share my experience and what God has done for me

I was blind and lost and now my eyes are open and I am free

Let all of heaven and earth rejoice.

All of us are given a voice

To share love or hate on a given day

To spread dissension or too pray

We all given a choice.

Love, creativity, contentment build dreams

To be who we are meant to be

To live without regret and too be free

Though there are forces that try to silence me so it seems.

The light from heaven above is greater than the darkness for sure

To unleash the voice of the song, to write, defend or build with these hands

To be honorable and too take a stand

A voice given by God to give light, love and strength too endure.

I have a voice today

And I will use it to share what God has done for me

Reaching out to others and help them be all they can be

This is my passion, commission in the darkness of night and by the light of day.

By Ty Stingel

December 15, 2013



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